Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Springhill Care Group: Know when you Need the Help of Home Care

It is normal for aging people to have a physical and mental decline and it happens in varying rates and this varying case sometimes needs a higher level of support.  Those elderly who chooses to stay at their own home for as long as possible need somebody to constantly assess whether they are actually coping.  And their children should do so but if the children live in a very far place this cant be possible so they need to assign somebody who is in regular contact with them to do the monitoring.  But how can you determine if they need to be transferred to home care?

Forgetfulness about household matters, it is sometimes normal but if it can costs their lives it is about time.

  •  Going out and leaving the house unlocked
  •  Losing keys and valuables
  • Stoves and ovens not turned off
  • Failure to place trash cans out for collection
  • Newspapers lying uncollected on the front lawn
  • Uncollected mail spilling out of the letter box
  • Household chores not attended to
  • The yard not kept tidy
  •  Inability to care for the needs of a pet

Lack of attention to personal care, if they let go of this they already need help. 

  •   Clothes not laundered as frequently as necessary
  •   Inability to match colors when dressing
  •   Dressing in inappropriate clothing for the time of day
  •   Failure to keep scheduled medical appointments
  •   Medication not being taken
  •   A refrigerator containing mostly contaminated and unusable food
  •   Weight loss due to illness or lack of proper dietary intake

Outdoor safety, if they are being a risk to themselves and to others it is time to get help.

  •   Driving ability likely to cause accidents
  •   Wandering around the neighborhood aimlessly
  •   Getting lost
  •   Forgetting where they live

Inability to manage personal affairs

  •   Bills that are unpaid
  •   Leaving cash lying around the home
  •   Losing money
  •   Not getting to the bank to obtain cash for necessary purchases
  •   Losing checkbooks and other documents

Decline In Desire To Socialize

  •   Not wanting to attend activities they have enjoyed for many years
  •   Lack of desire to visit or entertain friends
  •   Not traveling on holidays when this was a major activity
  •   Declining interest in previously loved hobbies

We are all entitled of our own independency and this also applies for the elderly.  This sometimes causes them to feel the self-worth but if they become a threat to their own safety you already need a decision at once.  If you notice these changes to your parents it is about time to consider organizing suitable home care.  Home care provides them to retain their independence.  Communication is always the key to a good relationship, explain to them about your concern and your concern for them and do not forget to assure them that home care are there to help and make them realize their independence.

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