Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Springhill Care | Advantages of Home Care

Time is very essential to everybody.  We will never know when were going to loose it.  Today everyone seems to be very busy, everybody has to live and in order to live one must work for them.  But we cannot work and take care of our parents or grandparents who’s getting older and requires more care and attention.  We became more concern about their safety at home.  It's not an easy task caring for the elderly, especially if you are trying to do it alone.  And aside from work, there comes a time when you will need a break, or just some time alone for yourself.  With the constant worry that something may go wrong, the respites and personal time become nonexistent.  Sometimes we are left with tough decision, whether or not an elderly family member should move into an assisted living facility is often one of the key questions.  Home care for the elderly is an option for caregivers who need extra help while offering the elderly person a good quality of life for the rest of their years.

To make your decision a lot easier, these advantages of letting elderly live in Home care might help you decide:

1. Seniors are getting more sensitive than usual.  One advantage of leeting them stay in home care can give them the sense of freedom, and freedom for them could mean maintaining dignity, dignity which is something seniors feels like loosing as they age.  This freedom would not be possible in an assisted living residence.  This freedom could also mean that those who receive homecare can come and go as they please-for whatever reason.  They can also choose their own meal times so they can eat whenever they are hungry unlike if meals are served to them, they might feel like prisoners.  They are left with the feeling of they can decide for themselves.

2. It is proven that caring for pets can reduce stress levels and was also proven to have health benefits for seniors.  Homes allow elderly to keep their pets and even beloved possessions with them for these possessions are tied to invaluable memories.

3. Visiting hours and even the number of visitors are not restricted; friends and families can visit anytime they please.  This would create a more fulfilling relationship between them.

4. Living at home if sick one can spread illness like wildfire.  This is of course being assisted with proper precautions.  Those who are sick can simply be asked not visit until they are full recovered.  And living at home should help seniors stay healthier, as they won't be subjected to the all the germs that inevitably linger at a place where many people live.

5. Moving to a new place with new people and new routine but homecare allows the elderly to avoid this emotional stress from happening Maintaining continuity leads to psychological wellbeing.

6. Home care is a more fiscally responsible choice because there can be many stressors like, assisted living facilities are costly and the location may be inconvenient, making it difficult for family members to visit. Many seniors have already paid off their mortgage, so moving to a retirement home is an added expense.

7. Most especially and more importantly those who live at home are often happier than they would be living at a retirement home. The familiarity and comforts of home are irreplaceable.

Not to mention the peace of mind that you can get if your elderly is at home care.    Home care for the elderly usually includes a trained person in the medical field.  Seniors are often cared one-on-one by these professionals.  Plus they are very keen about nutrition and exercise, you are certain that your parents or grandparents are well taken care of.

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