Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springhill Group Home : Demand for personal care aides expected to grow | RedGage

As the American population grows rapidly, the field of healthcare becomes alert of the upcoming strong demand for senior healthcare providers.
Personal care providers do not really do physically invasive therapies and are not under the supervision of a nurse, there are no existing federal qualifications in place for this profession.
However, nursing aides are required by government to have certain certifications to ensure their capabilities. It is an essential measure to protect the senior population. For instance, a caregiver who is not alert may effectively endanger his charge and lead to disastrous results.
Several states do have regulations in place to address the caregiving sector. In California, each county has to keep a record of healthcare providers that consists of background checks and referrals. While in Washington, aides should have finished 75 hours of basic training and pass an exam.
However, others seem to be more focused on direct care providers in general when establishing relevant legislation. Actually, most of the elderly only needs assistance in day-to-day activities and do not need a medical professional to look after them. This is where the legislators need to address.
Creating policies that concern caregivers is essential to the long-term care policy of any country. With the growing number of elderly people, the need for safe and effective caregiving for seniors is imperative.

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