Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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(1888PressRelease) Uncovering medicare scams latest news articles for general public to use. 
U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, has reintroduced legislation that would double the amount of fines and incarceration for people in prison for Medicare fraud/scam. It also creates a new criminal offense punishable with a 10 year minimum sentence for those who intentionally sell or distribute the ID numbers of Medicare beneficiaries. 
According to the Springhill Group, the legislation also bars those who have been part of Medicare dupery in the past from billing Medicare if they switch companies. It also facilitates real-time information sharing among law enforcement agencies to aid in uncovering and dismantling Medicare scams. 
“South Florida has been known as the epicenter of Medicare dupery for years,” she said. “It is time we took the fight to those who seek to defraud Medicare and prey on our most vulnerable citizens. This bill not only raises the penalties for those who engage in Medicare fraud, but also sets up a pro-active paradigm that will help stem the tide of abuse in South Florida and across the nation.”The bill takes particular aim at Medicare theft in Miami-Dade County, widely regarded as the nation’s capital of healthcare dupery. Medicare dupery in South Florida costs taxpayers between $3 billion and $4 billion every year, according to law enforcement and healthcare officials. Nationwide, Medicare and other healthcare fraud is estimated to cost $68 billion each in very year. 

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Springhill Health and Medical Group is a professional solution of home health, medical staffing, and wellness services.
As a full-service healthcare company, Springhill Group Services has a wide range of experience providing home health, medical staffing, and wellness services in communities nationwide. We are dedicated to delivering our patients with top quality care and are devoted to staffing committed healthcare specialists in a range of conditions with a focus on health compliance. Our aim on customer service and quality care is what makes Springhill Group an experienced nationwide provider of homecare, staffing, and wellness services.
Enjoy security, comfort and convenience like you’ve never known before.
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Springhill Group Counselling aims to educate the public about counselling and psychotherapy, and through the provision of information seeks to facilitate the process for clients before and during therapy. We are happy to discuss any queries or concerns which you may have about therapy or the process. Please contact us via email at
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What should I expect from therapy? You should expect one or a series of confidential appointments of up to an hour in length in a suitable professional setting. The process should also provide you with the opportunity to:
make sense of your individual circumstances
have contact with a therapist who will help identify the choices for change
feel supported during the process of change
reach a point where you are better equipped to cope with the future
Is counselling and psychotherapy confidential? Everything you discuss is confidential between you and the counsellor or psychotherapist. There can be certain legal exceptions and the practitioner should clarify this with you prior to the establishment of any agreed contract for working. You may have specific queries about confidentiality depending on the format of the therapy. For example, with online counselling, you may wish to ask the following questions to your therapist:
Are the notes from therapy protected by passwords and encrypted?
Are printouts held in a secure cabinet?
What happens when there are technical problems?
Should my therapist carry liability insurance? Professional liability insurance is not currently a legal requirement. However, a number of professional associations, strongly recommend that therapists take out appropriate insurance coverage. Examples of insurance policies which a therapist might have are professional indemnity, public and products liability, libel and slander to name a few. It is suggested that you check your therapist has appropriate and adequate insurance in place before engaging their services. If you are unsure then you should consult an insurance professional or a legal expert for further guidance. The insurance is not only intended to protect the therapist but offer peace of mind that if something should go wrong, there are funds in place to compensate you in such an event. For further information you may find the British Insurance Brokers’ Association website useful. Author: Towergate Professional Risks
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Springhill Group Counselling believes it is significant that each of us needs to understand what counselling and psychotherapy is about and what they should anticipate from the procedure of therapy. Nurturing knowledge among community is a significant purpose for every organization. This website has been aims to help people find out more about counselling and psychotherapy, especially those who are considering therapy as an option for themselves or someone else, or for clients who are already involved in therapy.

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